Hi, I’m Margaret, and I update this site and the Jamison family tree as often as I can.

I’m the daughter of parents and grandparents (as far back as I’ve traced) from Northern Ireland, most of whom originated from counties Antrim and Down.

We didn’t have a lot of documented family information growing up, so this is my passion project to capture names, dates, and places for my father’s side of the family. If it’s ever complete, I’ll turn my attention to my mum’s (also Northern Irish) heritage.

If you’d like to get in touch with information about the Jamison family or another family connected with them, please use the Contact form

My Other Sites

If you would like to read about the novel I am writing, which is broadly based on my family history in the 1970’s in Northern Ireland, please head across to my other site; margaretmcgoverne.com; I regularly post excerpts and updates on the novel as well as interesting posts on literature, the art of writing and blogging!

Copyright Notice

All pictures displayed on this site are owned by me or provided by family members and are thus very personal; if you wish to use one, please contact me beforehand on the contact form above.


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