William McDowell Jamison’s Family Tree

As we uncover more information I may need to break the chart into component periods or family lines, but for now I have managed to capture all known Jamison family tree information as far back as William McDowell Jamison on a single chart.

If you have any documents, pictures or information on any of the Jamisons or other related families such as Huers, Purcells etc shown here, or if you are one of these Jamisons, please get in touch!

Many thanks to Nevin Taggart at NALIL (North Antrim Local Interest List) and Dave for the marvellous updates on William’s family and extracts from Jamison marriage and death entries for Billy parish.

Click the link below for the updated Jamison family tree for William McDowell’s descendants (Excel spreadsheet):

Family tree William McDowell Jamison



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