First Marriage of Eliza Purcell Jamison

Eliza McCurdy Murdock Jamison (nee Purcell)

I first posted about my paternal grandmother being married twice a couple of years ago in this postI now have a copy of her marriage certificate:

Date of marriage: 23rd April 1924
Place of marriage: Bushmills Presbyterian Church, Presbytery of Route
Marriage of: Samuel Murdock and Eliza McCurdy Purcell
Age of groom: full (i.e. 21 years or older)
Age of bride: 16 years, 11 months
Condition of groom: Bachelor
Profession of groom: Engine driver
Residence at time of marriage (groom): Revallagh, Priestland (Bushmills)
Residence at time of marriage (bride): Carnkirk, Bushmills
Father’s name and professions (groom): Archie Murdock, Stone mason
Father’s name and profession (bride): James Purcell, Labourer

Robert James Purcell, who was one of the witnesses was the name of Eliza’s older brother.


The church is in Main Street, Bushmills (street view map below):

Samuel and Eliza went on to have two daughters, Evaline and Roberta Elizabeth in the period following 1925. I don’t know the details of their separation and divorce, but my mother went on to marry my grandfather Charles Frederick Jamison, and have a further eight children.

I was contacted in 2009 by Eliza’s grandson Colin and his partner Irene who provided the wonderful picture of Eliza above, and told me for the first time of my father’s half sisters. (Colin, if you’re reading this please drop me a line, I’ve lost your contact details!)

My next step is to track down the date and marriage certificate for Eliza’s second wedding.

Date Sources

Copy of marriage certificate
Details of Eliza and Samuel’s daughters’ names, and picture of Eliza courtesy of relatives
Personal visit to Bushmills




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