Updates to The Family Tree – William and Betty Jamison Descendants and the Cousins Family

My second cousin Shirlene (I think that’s right – our paternal grandfathers were brothers?) has been good enough to fill in some gaps and correct some names and dates on our shared family tree.

I’m always really grateful when people take time out to get in touch and help build our tree – without your kind input, it would be little more than a family twig!

I’ve updated the family tree (link to the Excel file below), but to summarise the updates:

  • Harold Hewer Jamison and Carol – added daughter Caroline Patrica and date of Harold’s death
  • Norman Cousins  – added date of death
  • Mary Elizabeth Jamison (nee Cousins)  – added dates of birth and death
  • Carol Ann and Phil Regan’s son Tom married Emily,  22/06/2018

Many thanks again to Shirlene; if you have additional info, dates, names or pictures you can add or correct, please do contact me!


Download Family tree William McDowell Jamison (Excel)

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