Family Reunion Trip to Scotland!

From: 10th December 2009

I’ve just returned from a wonderful six day visit to the highlands, taking in Inverness, the village of Tomatin, and Kintail near the Isle of Skye in Rosshire, to visit my cousins Barbara and Freddy and their mother, my aunt Ara and my cousins Liza and Rusty who are my aunt Winnie’s daughters.

I also met my uncle Donald and many of the younger generation of Jamison-MacAskills. Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to me and show me aound, it was wonderful to reconnect with so much family in one whirlwind trip, and thank you for your grand hospitality! I have a much better understanding of our family history since Fred and Eliza’s time, which Uncle Donald was especially helpful with. I was invited to my second cousin’s wedding,and a good time was had by all!

I will be creating a separate page with pictures from this trip, which I hope to repeat soon in the spring of 2010, once the snows have cleared!

Margaret x

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